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Are you interested with helping towards the costs for the central server that holds your scores, or perhaps even a little bit towards development costs for the App itself!

Link to Android App Link to Apple App

ExpertArcher is an archery scoring app for a mobile phone. It allows you to record scores, save sight settings, bow details and to lookup rounds. It also tracks handicaps for both indoor any outdoor rounds, using the correct algorithms, as used to produce the standard handicap tables.

The new version, to be launched in November 2021 will be free, with some new features:

  • Arrow placement scoring - place numbered arrows directly on a target image to score
  • Examine how different arrows behave or go through each end visually
  • New journal feature to add training/coaching notes
  • New menu layout; making equipment, rounds and settings easier to navigate
  • Addition of Arrow sets; for those that want to record/filter scores based on different arrows with the same bow
  • Support for Swiss archery rounds
  • Slightly better field archery scoring...I feel this can improve further...I am a field archer after all!
  • Better help on each screen
  • Complete under-the-bonnet rewrite of client form libraries
  • New server database architecture and API

The app can also be used online, using the link above!

Your scores and other information are stored in two places; on your mobile device and in database table on our server. The beauty of this system is that should you lose your phone, or wish to use another device, or tablet, then the scores will synchronise to the new device as well.

Your data is your data. We will NEVER disclose your data to third parties without your specific consent. Where you have joined a virtual club, the club administrator will have access to your Name, email address, high scores and handicaps. Future services will allow you to automagically share PBs with other club members, but all sharing functions will be opt-in only. If you wish to have all data deleted, please contact us. We are compliant with GDPR

Data collected, that could be considered private data:

  • Name
  • Email address: Used as a unique identifier, and for account control (lost passwords etc.)
  • Gender: Used in handicap and classification algorithms
  • Age category: Used in handicap and classification algorithms
  • Club name: Will be used for future opt-in 'club' interfaces

Still using paper to organise those competitions?
ClubEvent enables you to create and manage events easily; from competitions with hundreds of participants, regular club meetings, committee meetings, right down to a trip to the pub with some friends.
  • Hold closed events for groups of members; invites via email or app
  • Run ticketed events; collect any required data per ticket
  • Easily update event participants
  • Take ticket payments by credit card; 2% + 20p
  • Simple export of data for registration or results collation
ClubEvent has recently been used to manage entries for both the 2021 All British Field Championships and the British 3D Championships. Please see for more details.