Handicap & Classification Lookup

Please note that this form uses the orginal AGB algorithms!

This form will calculate your Handicap and Classification for a round. Please enter all details

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Handicap system

Handicaps are used to track progress across different rounds. The standard handicap tables used in the UK are derived from the work done by David Lane. A reference paper can be found here: "The Construction of the Graduated Handicap Tables for Target Archery" published by David Lane, Sep 2013.

Handicaps can be used in club competitions,- each archers handicap is used to work out an allowance for for the round being shot, which is then added to their actual score. The winner is the archer with the highest adjusted score. The allowance added is 1440-handicap. So in theory, everyone ends up with a score of 1440, unless they shoot better or worse than their current handicap.

More crudely, where club members are all shooting different distances of - for example - a Warwick round, you could look up the handicap for their scores and the best archer has the lowest handicap value.

Handicaps can be created for each round that you shoot. At the start of each season (indoor 1st July - 30th June, outdoor 1st January - 31st December) an initial handicap would be created as the average of the best three handicaps from the previous year. If no data is available, the handicap will be created from the first 3 rounds of the season

When you score a round that has a lower handicap (by 2 or more) this will lower your handicap - the new handicap is the average of the existing one and the lower one, rounded up to the nearest whole number. Shooting a round with a higher(worse) handicap does not change your handicap

The ExpertArcher mobile app will do all this nasty calculation and record handicap over time, hence I can see that my indoor handicap has improved from 40 -> 23 over 5 years, and my outdoor from 47 -> 29


ArcheryGB classifications can be used to give an indication of where you are in terms of scoring ability, and provide a benchmark for levels of improvement. There are six classification levels: the lowest is third class, then second class, first class, Bowman, Master Bowman, and Grand Master Bowman at the highest classification level. There are separate classifications A-D for indoor rounds.

Archery GB produces tables detailing exactly what scores you need in each round to hit a certain classification. The scores required for a classification can be found in the Shooting Administration Procedures.

To gain a classification you need to shoot three scores that meet that classification level. The highest two classifications, Master Bowman and Grand Master Bowman, can only be achieved with scores achieved at record status competitions. Once you achieve a classification you cannot go back and claim a lower one.

You can hold different classifications for different bow types, but you can only hold your classification for the calendar year in which you shot your qualifying scores. You must re-qualify each year to maintain it.